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5 Elements Testing & Balancing

5 Elements / Panch Tatva ( Fire, Eath, Space, Water, Air ) imblancing plays a major role in Vastu Dosha. Brahamaand is completed with Panch Tatvas Only. A Premises is formed with these 5 Elements only. This is non-ignorable part in Vastu Analysis & Corrections & must be balanced.

  • Testing with Special Tools & Softwares
  • Advance Level Equipments Utilisation for Dosha Solution
  • Graphical Bar Chart with Accurate Readings
  • 100% Dosha Balancing
5 Elements Testing & Blancing.

We are having expertise in 5 Elements Blancing & this helps a Jataka to get rid from TriDosha ( Vaat, Pitt & Cough ) & Trigunas ( Rajas, Tamas & Satva ) & blessed Jataka with Prosperity & Gains.

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