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Earth Telluric Energy Testing Balancing Management

Earth is a huge Electromagnet, the composition and the structure of the Earth are responsible for the various Earth energies such as Magnetism, Schumann radiations of 7.83 Htz, Ley lines, Hartmann lines and the Curry Lines which can be called as Earths Energy. The imbalance of energies are also due to building structure and shape, location of the plots. These energy effect the humans on the earth by various means.

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  • Latest Advance Remedial Tools
  • 100% Dosha Removal
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Earth Telluric Energy Management Testing Balancing
Earth Telluric Energy Management.

We are having expertise in Earth Telluric Energy Management of a premises & this helps a Jataka to get rid from Earth Vastu Doshas completely. Hire Us & get relief in Short Period & Make your Life Easy To Live.

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