AURA and Its effects on Humans & Therapies

By Acharya Sandeep Pulasttya Ji | Vastu & Astro Specialist,

Aura is composed of an energetic field which comprises of visible light spectrum in the form of electro-magnetic frequencies of the visible spectrum.
• We see a LIGHT ENERGY behind the heads of all Gods of all religions which is known as “HALOES”.
• This is known as DivyaKantiValaya, which means a Circular Divine Light.
• It is mentioned in Atharva Veda Chapter 11.
• The AURA EMITTING from animate bodies are known to us as Bio Energy .
• Aura is there for all living (animate) and non-living (inanimate) objects.
• The same can be expressed by Einstein’s & Max planks Quantum Theory where every matter Emits & Absorbs Electromagnetic Radiation in the form of Photons. The intensity of emission of Photons from all cells of the Human is the AURA.
• Living: Humans, plants, birds, animals, fish etc., all have a body with Bio-energy.
• Non-living: stones, metals, water, wood, liquids…. also have an aura which can be positive or Negative Presence of Imbalance in Aura field, indicates disharmony in the person’s health, wealth, relationships & Prosperity. There ought to be an interaction between the aura’s of the persons with the environment. Environment consists of COSMOS, EARTH, STRUCTURE. & OBJECTS or ARTICLES which can be negative or positive, which will will influence the existing human aura.

Ancient saints with good AURA or good energies used to live more than 100 years.
As BALANCED DIET is required for GOOD HEALTH, Similarly BALANCED ENERGIES are also required for GOOD HEALTH.
AURA THERAPY helps in Diagnosing, Treating, and Preventing the Non- Infectious Diseases basing on the balancing of Electromagnetic Energy Frequency deficit in the Cells/Organs which is the ROOT CAUSE for Non-Infectious disease. It is complimentary to other Medical modalities.

• The METABOLIC PROCESSES in the Cells/Organs are triggered by the ELECTROMAGNETIC ENERGY FREQUENCIES which is different for different organs and different functions.
• The ROOT-CAUSE for the Energy Frequency deficit in Cells/Organs or the Non-Infectious diseases is due to the effect of COSMIC, EARTH and STRUCTURAL ENERGIES that influence the person by creating an energy frequency deficit in the Cells/Organs, which in-turn causes prolonged stress to the cells and disturbs the Homeostasis in the cell which lead to irregular metabolism leading to disfunctioning of the affected cells causing non-infectious diseases.

AURA THERAPY is a NON-INVASIVE Scientific Energy frequency-based healing which is based on the Quantum Theory which helps to restores back the healthy metabolism in the Cells/Organs. It ensures the absorption and emission of Electromagnetic energy frequencies by the Cells/Organs relieving the STRESS in the Cells/Organs and bringing them back to Homeostasis and healthy Metabolism.


CONSULTANCY for Correction and Rectification of HARMFUL EARTH RADIATIONS of Geopathic Stress, IR & UV Points, SAP Points in Houses, Apartments, Offices, Shops, Business places, Factories etc.

CONSULTANCY for ENERGISING BUILT SPACES by balancing of Earth Structural and Cosmic energies in Houses, Apartments, Offices, Shops, Business places, Factories etc.

AURA Therapy diagnoses, prevents & Heals the Non-Infectious disease in a 3 fold approach :
1. Identifying the deficit energy frequency organ in the person and the disease & the overall Energy (AURA) by scanning through Universal Aura Scanner ( An Electronic Dowsing instrument).
2. Rectifying the root cause or source of the energy deficit in the diseased Organs which can be the Cosmic energy or the Earth energies or the Combination of the both these energies which causes the energy frequency deficit in the Cells/Organs of the person.
3. HEALING the Diseased Organ by removing the accumulated Infra-Red and Ultra-Violet Energy frequencies in the weak organ by “Energy Aspirator “and then Energizing the Organ by providing the deficit energy frequency to the Organ through a “Cell Rejuvenator”

Advantages of AURA THREAPY :
• It is Non-invasive.
• It can identify the non – infectious diseases well in advance, even before the symptoms appear.
• It treats the root cause.
• It does not have side-effects.
• It basically HEALS & rejuvenates the diseased cells / organs.
• It is also a preventive Therapy.

AURA Therapy helps in preventing & Healing non-infectious Diseases :
• It gives relief in Head aches & Migraine.
• It gives relief in Back pains.
• It gives relief in Cancers.
• It gives relief in Neuro ailments.
• It gives relief in Auto immune diseases.
• It heals Gynaecological & Infertility problems including mensural pain.
• It gives relief in Psychological ailments and Depression.
• It Heals the Kidney diseases in initial stages.
• It gives relief in other Non-infectious diseases.
• Is also found to give relief in Non-diagnosed problems and sufferings.